In spite of heavy intermittent rain and the numerous de-tours of the road leading to Lankarama, due to development work in the area, devotees flocked in hundreds to the Temple to celebrate “Wesak day”.  This is the day the Buddhist world over celebrate the three major milestones of Lord Buddha’s life, the birth, enlightenment and death, fall on the full moon day in May each year. 

Lankarama Wesak



Lankarama organised a ‘Sil’ programme for youths on 2nd May 2015, and for adults and young children on the following day. Other devotees prepared and served tea and meals for the ones observed ‘Sil’ and helped in activities such as traffic direction, erecting gazebos and decorating the temple premises. 

In many Buddhist countries Wesak is mainly a day of celebration of lights. In keeping with this tradition devotees of Lankarama also had prepared colourful lanterns that lighted up the temple premises in night. Area was also decorated with large number of six colour Buddhist flags.


Launching of two Dhamma books written by the chief incumbent Bhanthe, Venerable Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi was a special event in the day two. They were a collection of Dhamma sermons delivered by him during past few months, in Sinhala and English.


Last event of the two day activity was singing of ‘Bakthi Gee’, devotional Buddhist songs, by few groups of devotees young and old.